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Welcome to my website. I’m Jean Davies and I am an animal healer and pet sitter.

My journey into animal healing and care began in early 2007, when my cat Bella showed me that I could heal, and that this was my path in life. I signed up for my first Reiki attunement very soon after, and there began a wonderful journey.

I started helping Bella’s pet sitter’s dog with Reiki, and she suggested that pet sitting might be a good idea. I agreed, it seemed obvious, the two go together very well, and to be able to help all the cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and so many other animals with Reiki, while pet sitting, was wonderful.

So, since then, I’ve been having the most wonderful time healing animals with Reiki – and much more besides – as well as healing the emotions of the animals left alone while their families are away, in my pet sitting role.

Things have changed, developed and evolved in that time, and these days my focus is more on healing, and helping animals to be as healthful as possible - while still being very much engaged in providing pet sitting services.

I’ve always been fairly intuitive, but Reiki had the effect of opening up my intuitive abilities so much more; so I added intuitive communication to the services I offer. As we all know, communication is healing in itself.

Over the years, I have studied and become interested in other ways to help our animals to be as happy and healthy as possible, including the use of Bach Flower Remedies, crystals, and learning about food as medicine. I continue to expand my learning in terms of what’s known as energy medicine, the learning never stops.

The learning is also of a very practical nature, as every experience and interaction I have with an animal is an opportunity to learn more; I have also spent many years helping rescue animals too, and continue to support as many as I’m able to, in a variety of ways.

When I have my pet sitting hat on, your animals will gain additional benefit from the Reiki energy that always flows through me, and my Intuitive Communication abilities. Even in the few minutes I'm with your animal, and I stroke or cuddle them, they will pick up the Reiki energy - this has a very calming effect, and can help to settle pets who become anxious when their owners are away.

As a Reiki practitioner for animals, I travel more widely to visit and treat in the Greater Manchester area, including Manchester, Salford, Chorlton, Didsbury, Eccles, Hulme, Prestwich, Crumpsall, Stockport, Stretford - in fact anywhere within the M60. I've chosen to practise Reiki almost exclusively with animals and their human carers, as this is where my particular interests lie. A Reiki treatment can help your pet to recover after an illness or operation, or can just be a calm and relaxing experience. Because of its calming nature, it can also help stressed and nervous animals. Many vets agree that its relaxing properties can be extremely beneficial. For more information on how Reiki could help your pet, please click on the link on the left.

For many years I have volunteered in local animal rescue sanctuaries, bringing Reiki to them, to help them as they cope with this change in their lives, and to prepare them for their new lives.

I use a combination of both Reiki and Intuitive Communication to help animals at the end of their lives - to pass on in peace and comfort. This has become a very important part of my work with animals and their carers, and although sad, I'm always so grateful to be able to provide such caring and comfort. Please click on the End of Life Support link to the left to know more.

My particular area of specialism is with cats, both in cat sitting, and with healing and feeding - I have a huge interest in, and affinity with, these amazing animals, and know for sure that I have been a cat in many previous lives! I'm sure other cat lovers will know exactly what I mean.

Nevertheless, I am very experienced in caring for many species of animals, and am trained in animal first aid. I also have full public liability insurance (provided by a specialist pet businesses insurer), and have a Full CRB Disclosure for your security and peace of mind.

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