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Pet Sitting

My rates for Pet Care start at £15.00 per half hour visit, and depend on where you are, when you'd like me to come, and how many animals you'd like me to care for.

My standard charge is on a per half-hour basis. Some other pet sitters do 20 minute visits, but I choose not to as I don't think that allows for sufficient fussing time - which my experience tells me is what they really want.

The rates I quote to you are based on sound market research locally, and reflect my skills, experience and training. I also bring love, appreciation, and healing in the form of Reiki to help your pets to have the best experience while you're away. I make no additional charge for this, as it is a part of me.

Although the animals I care for during visits will benefit from the Reiki energy that is always a part of me, it should be noted that this is not a full Reiki treatment. However, a lovely gift from you to your pet while you're away, would be to ask me to add a further half hour to one or two visits (depending on how long you're away for) for the specific purpose of providing a Reiki treatment. If this is something you think you'd like to do for your pet, just let me know when you book.

The cost of petrol and estimated travelling time are factored into the rate I quote you. This generally means that the further away you are, you'll pay a little more than those who are closer to me and the majority of my other customers. There are also some areas that aren't so far away, but suffer from traffic problems.

One other thing...... Recently I and other pet sitters locally have noticed that there are many others suddenly offering pet services. We think that this may be a result of the recent economic situation, and that some people are looking for ways to earn a little more money, or just a little pocket money. However, these people are frequently not professional pet carers - in that they have no insurance, are not police checked, and haven't undertaken any training in animal care. You might be seduced by offers to pay what you like, and I've seen one offering pet care services for as little at £1 per hour!! It also doesn't honour the value that professional pet carers provide to you and your animals. Please steer clear, and only use reliable, professional pet carers.

Reiki for Pets

Animal Reiki sessions are charged per hour.

Sessions are normally £45, but if you're a little further away, there may be an additional charge for travelling time and petrol.

Existing pet sitting clients can enjoy discounts on Reiki only visits - so many are now asking for this, as they can see the benefits from my pet sitting visits.

If you book a series of Reiki treatments in advance, I will give you a discount on the total amount.

Pet Reiki visits can also be combined with Pet Care visits - for example, I would normally come for a 30 minute pet care visit, but, with sufficient notice, many clients now ask me to extend a couple of visits (say one or two per week or two week's worth of pet care visits) to an hour. Even though all the animals I'm visiting will benefit from the Reiki energy I always have with me on all my pet care visits, it's particularly beneficial for them to enjoy a further full half hour, just dedicated to offering Reiki to them. This would also give you a discount on my regular rate for Reiki visits.

As with Pet Sitting services, rates take account of my skills, training and experience, and travelling time is also factored in.

Distant healing sessions are normally 30 minutes, and are priced at £30 per session.

Intuitive Communication

Intuitive Communication sessions are priced at £75. Over the years I have found that things can get very deep, and the animal also usually calls for healing during the session. From start to finish, they can take up to 2 hours of my time, which includes writing up my notes, and sending to you.

Cat Care Consultations

Cat Care Consultations are available on a variety of topics, based on my experience of caring for cats professionally over many years. These are offered on the basis of an hour's phone consultation, for £45.

Typical topics include, feline feeding (very popular!), moving home, introducing new cats/other animals to the household, enrichment, stress... Not an exhaustive list, just ask!

To contact me to discuss rates for your location and needs, for either Pet Sitting or Reiki for Pets, please click here, or call me on 07974 347269

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