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Over the years I have come to know and love many animals that I've been honoured to care for. Some are quite good at posing for pics!!! Here are a few of those of those very special beings with some of their stories.................

Gallery #01

Storm lives with her sister Cloud who's all grey. A very lovely pair of sisters that I've been visiting since they were a tiny 8 weeks old. Storm loves to pose for the camera - look at this cheeky face!! One of the very many black cats I take care of. It's said they're always the last to go at sanctuaries, but my view is that there are more black (and black and white) cats than any others, so there are bound to be lots in their care at any time. But I'm also in a position to know that very many get adopted, which I why I have so many to visit.

Gallery #02

Bubble was found as a tiny kitten in a storm drain in Singapore by his dad when he worked there. You can't see it in this picture, but he had three 45 degree kinks at the end of his tail, which I recently discovered was a hereditary quirk for all Singapore street cats. 7 years later he brought him home to the UK, and 7 years after that, I was engaged to take care of him whenever his dad had to go to Brussels for meetings. Mostly he worked for home, which was lovely for Bubble. He was a rather anxious boy, but we developed a good relationship in the time I cared for him. He wasn't keen on anyone other than his dad touching him, but he used to be very happy to sit with me while I told him stories of all the other cats I was visiting. Very sadly Bubble passed away a few months ago, and I still miss him very much.

Gallery #03

TC is another of the lovely boys I've take care of who's no longer with us. A diabetic, just like Bubble, and was so good at having his twice daily injections. He just thought it was more cuddles!!! A very affectionate soppy boy, who would waddle round rather slowly, never doing anything in a hurry. He lived with his sister Bella (or Gingerbella as I call her, so as to distinguish from my own lovely Bella), who's still with us and very beautiful. What I remember most about him is that he would just love his Reiki. This picture shows it so well, completely blissed out on the floor!!!

Gallery #04

Suki has moved away to London now, but she may be back one day. I hope so!!! I went to visit her quite regularly at weekends for about 3 years when her mum would take trips to London to visit friends. A British Shorthair, she would love to fetch things, and bring them to me. A very cute and gentle girl, and in that time we built a lovely relationship. Her mum decided she would bring in a little brother for her, as she felt she might need company, and Sidney came to live with them at just 12 weeks old. She wasn't certain at first, but it wasn't long before she became very fond of him. Another British Shorthair, this time a grey tabby with gorgeous markings.

Gallery #05

Mog lives with sister Meg. They're both quite tiny and gorgeous. Mog is black and white and Meg is a tortie. When I first got to know them about 4 years ago, their mum was concerned about the relationship between them. Mog is very quiet, Meg much livelier, and had a habit of picking on Mog. The tension in the house was sometimes quite fraught, with their mum's anxiety adding to the problem. I tuned into their energy, and helped to smooth the way for them both to get on better with each other, through use of Reiki and intuitive communication. Things were a lot better immediately, although there are times things can get a little spiky again - but their mum just calls me to spend some time with them, and it's all lovely and peaceful again. I do get to visit them quite often, so they get regular top ups of calming healing energy. Such lovely girls!!

Gallery #06

As I write this, I've been to visit Amber this morning, and will be back with her again this afternoon. I see Amber a lot especially since her mum retired about 3 years ago, and is taking the opportunity now to visit friends and family and have holidays. Another cat who now sadly lives on her own, having lost her sister Splodge a couple of years ago. In her nature, she's very similar to TC - very gentle and slow moving. While her sister was alive, Amber was always a little in the background, as Splodge was much more forward, and would always be jumping into my lap. They were litter mates and had always been together, yet she's coped very well since she's been on her own. Many cats do, somehow they seem to come into their own. She's now about 17, and has a few health issues, common to many older cats, but nothing serious, and just enjoys her life. She's always such a delight to be with.

Gallery #07

A little self indulgence here!! Had to pop this one in showing my own Bella and Dylan together on the same sofa. A very unusual situation. In the time Dylan's lived with us, Bella has learnt to tolerate him, as long as he's not deciding to chase her. But very rarely will she trust him to sit beside her without expecting an attack!! He never hurts her, it's just playing, but he's a big strong boy now, and doesn't appreciate quite the effect he has when he has her pinned down!! She's toughened up, so I think she's actually done him quite a lot of good, and they get plenty of Reiki from me to help their relationship along. I'm sure there will be another picture or two of my own guys, as they're so gorgeous!!

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