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So Many Reasons to Choose Whiskers Pet Care!

Whiskers Pet Care is completely unique in the Manchester area, and brings a whole new level of service in pet care to your loved and cherished animal family members.

Lots of experience. Whiskers Pet Care has been looking after Manchester’s animals for since 2007, so now well into the 15th year. There are many pet care companies that have sprung up since then, but very few have the experience to compare to Whiskers Pet Care.

Very knowledgeable on the subject of Feline Nutrition. Having spent so many years feeding cats, an interest in feline nutrition and the feline digestive system developed. Driven by this interest, I have made the study and research of both feline and canine nutrition an on going project. I continue to read widely on the topic, am fortunate to have experts in these fields as friends, and attend courses and seminars. Also knowledgeable in rabbit nutrition.

Many many very satisfied customers, and their people too. Just take a look at some of my wonderful testimonials, and I’m happy to put you in touch with some of my customers if you’d like to take up a personal reference.

Added value pet sitting. This is what makes Whiskers Pet Care unique in the Manchester area. I have Reiki healing energy with me at all times, and your animals benefit from this wonderful gift while I’m with them, at no extra cost.

Reduced rates for Reiki. If your animals are already pet sitting clients of mine, then I’m very happy to come to do Reiki only treatments at a reduced rate. I have lots of pet sitting clients who have come to know the benefits of Reiki, who have since booked me to come to do Reiki visits for their animals.

So many transformed animals. I’m so often told that a previously shy or anxious animal has become much more confident and happy after just my first series of pet sitting visits.

When I'm with your animals, I'm really with them. I give them the time I commit to, sometimes more if I feel it's needed, and if it's possible. And I focus on them. I talk to them, I give them all my energy. I don't sit around reading books or other distractions, being there, but not really with them. I'm totally there for them.

I am Mrs Dolittle. I communicate intuitively with animals, which helps enormously in understanding how they’re feeling and what their needs are. Means I can do exactly what’s best or right for them.

Medication friendly. I am very experienced in giving injections and popping pills in a gentle and kind way. I’ve not had a bite yet!

First Aid trained. Should first aid be required, I am able to assist until veterinary care is available.

No signage on my car. Whilst it would be great to be able to advertise my services as I’m driving around, I care more for my clients’ security. So my car doesn’t sit outside your house telling the world you’re away.

I care for your home too. I know that when you’re away, your home is as important as your animals.

Fully insured and DBS checked. Speak for themselves really, peace of mind for you.

This is my career, this is what I do. I’m totally committed to the animals I care for. This isn’t just something I do to earn a little pocket money, it’s the real deal.

I keep on learning. I learn from the animals themselves, do loads of reading on animal care and behaviour, and am currently studying more energy healing modalities, including Animal Balance Procedure, Trust Technique, TTouch, and Intuitive Communication. The learning never stops!

I am committed to animal care. Not just your animals, but all animals. I have volunteered at local animal rescues, bringing Reiki to help their residents, and I support many other animal rescues and charities, locally and globally. These many many animals have also been some of my most wonderful teachers.

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