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Communicating intuitively with animals

I have Reiki to thank for re-awakening my intuitive abilities, and I have 3 cats to thank for showing me that I could communicate intuitively with animals. It's a wonderful gift, and knowing how animals are thinking and feeling helps to ensure they receive the best possible care while I'm with them.

Frequently, while I'm helping an animal with Reiki, a communication channel opens up, so I'm not just delivering healing, but I'm very much in tune what they feel and need.

I've been able to pass messages on from animals to their people, and I'm often asked to tune into an animal to see if I can help with any problems, or to pass on messages from their people.

One of the first animals I ever helped in this way - a lovely dog called Sasha - arranged it so that her people would contact me for some Reiki for her. Then, while the energy was flowing she started giving me messages for her people, and it turned out that she was trying to resolve a problem for them! What she was telling me was strange, and I didn't know whether I really could trust what I thought I was picking up - we all get that from time to time!! But when I told her people they were amazed at some of the things she'd told me, things that they'd even kept from each other. But it was all true!!

Since then I've helped many animals and their families all over the world. To me it's an intrinsic part of the healing process, it's not something that I separate. Perhaps it's because that's the way it came to me, and still does. So opening up a healing channel for Reiki energy also opens up a communication channel. And the two work together so wonderfully.

Get in touch to see if I can help you

Please contact me if you think I can help by using Reiki and Intuitive Communication as a means to helping your animal and their life - and perhaps yours too!! Happy to talk it through with you, every situation is different, so I'd rather deal with each one uniquely.

Would you like to learn how to communicate with animals?

We're all intuitive beings, so we can all do this. Perhaps you've sensed this too, and think you'd like to learn how to tune into your own animals? I know some wonderful people who can train you to do just that.

I learnt with James French and his partner Shelley Slingo, two very special people who I hold very dear in my heart. These days they mostly stick to the South of England where they're based. Contact them via their website for more information: Animal Communication Training.

And also the lovely Pea Horsley, who runs classes all over the UK and abroad, but often comes up to Manchester. Animal Thoughts is her website.

If you'd like to know more, read on..........

I am asked to connect with animals for so very many reasons.

Very often, it’s because the humans have noticed that some changes have happened in the animal’s behaviour that they’d like to understand. Other times, it may be that they are poorly, and they’d like to know what they can do to help. Or, the humans just need to know if the animal is happy, and is there anything they can do to ensure they’re as happy as possible. It can be anything……..
As we all know, to communicate, rather than keep things bottled up inside, is extremely healing. To let things out, to talk about them, to explore, and to release brings much relief. It’s much easier with people, but, unless we know how to tune into our own animals intuitively (and it can be much harder to do this with you own), we can often find ourselves saying “if only they could talk to me”.

Well, they can, and they love to.

I have lost count of the intuitive communication sessions I’ve had with animals over the years, where the humans have reported afterwards that something has clearly shifted, that things have improved in some way.

Depending on what the issue is, this might take place over time, and a number of sessions. Something that is deeply held, and might have existed for a long time is a chronic issue, and chronic issues need to be unwrapped slowly and carefully. It’s useful to see it as unpeeling the layers of an onion.

But quite often, just one session is enough to do the trick.
And that’s because I’m not just communicating intuitively, but I’m also sending healing (Reiki). I’ve been trained by so many animals over the years, and this is the way we all find that it works best.

How does an intuitive session work?

Every session is different and completely unique, depending upon the animal who is my healing and communication subject. Every need is different. You might have provided me with questions you’d like me to ask, or subjects you’d like me to cover.

I’ve found that working distantly is far more effective. I have done communication sessions where I’m present with the animal (and actually, when with animals, I do often pick up feelings, sensations and words, even when pet sitting), but it works best when I can be comfortable, in my own space, with as few distractions as possible.

I allow 2 hours for each session, this is a good average.

The first phase
The first phase of the session is all about getting me to the best energetic place possible in order to heal and communicate with my subject. So, I will spend 20 minutes or so setting up protection for me, and then clearing my own energies. It may be that there is a need for some healing to happen at that point too. It is absolutely essential that my own energies are as clean and clear as possible, in order to be able to do my absolute best for my subjects.

The second phase
The next phase is to do the same for the subject. I set up protection for them, and offer Reiki healing to them. Offering is absolutely key, healing is never forced, they need to welcome the energy of the healing in order for it to happen.

This phase is also essential in order for the subject to be in a place where they’re comfortable to be connecting with me. They need to feel safe with me. And, of course, the communication will happen best if their own energies are as clean and clear as possible.

Bearing in mind that we’re considering the communication session and process as a healing session, it would be unusual, to say the least, not to offer healing.

This part of the session takes as long as it takes. With some animals, and especially if I already know them well, they may want to jump in quickly to begin to communicate. And I’ve worked with others I’ve not known before, but who have been so desperate to be able to share, that they don’t want to wait.

I use my intuitive abilities to sense when we’re ready to move to the communication phase, and sometimes, I may have to quieten a subject down a little, in order to continue sending the healing that they need before we’re ready to begin.

Each phase of the session is fluid, and I often find that we move backwards and forwards between the second and third phase.

The third phase
The third phase will be the communication itself. Communication can happen in any number of ways. It’s not only actual words, but frequently is feelings, emotions and sensations. It’s quite normal for my sessions to begin with the subject letting me sense these feelings, emotions and sensations.

This can then lead me to begin to ask questions about what I’ve picked up, and this is a gentle way to lead the subject into giving me words.
You may have your own questions for them, and if possible, and they allow, I shall ask these. But it does depend very much upon the subject, as it’s their session.

As to words….. this is something I’m often asked about, and in my early days of communicating intuitively with animals, this was curious to me too.

What tends to happen is that they don’t appear as words in my mind, but will be sent to my hands, where I’m either writing with a pencil and notepad, or using my laptop (I’ll be guided as to which is the best method for each individual session). And sometimes I’ll look at what I’ve written and laugh out loud, as I had no idea that that was coming!

I used to wonder whether my mind was making these words up, but I know now that that’s not what’s happening. It’s hard to describe clearly, but it’s almost as though they’re received through my heart, which transmits them to my hands to write.

The words are often still accompanied by feelings, emotions and sensations. Some subjects only communicate by feelings, emotions and sensations, and we never get as far as words. And even for the same subject, one session may be very different to the next.
It’s quite normal to be jumping backwards and forwards between words, and feeling, emotions and sensations.

The sensations can be particularly useful if the animal is poorly or in pain in some way, and can then communicate to me where the issue is, and how it feels. And if, through a session, I sense that a vet visit is needed, then I’ll capture this when I sent my notes. It’s not unusual to be picking things up that the human has no idea about, and which do need vet attention.

Of course, I will also offer healing energy to that need.

This is usually the longest part of the session, and it’s quite normal to find that the subject needs to take a little break (especially if this is new to them), and receive more healing.

Eventually, I’ll sense when we’ve got to a stopping point. It may be that we’ve covered all we wanted to cover, but it’s more likely that the subject has let me know that that’s enough for then.

The final phase
The final phase of the session is the cooling down. So, we return, both of us, to receiving healing, to settle our energies, and have a final clear out of all that the session has released. The released energies will be sent into the Violet Fire for transmutation. And we will both be very tired by now.

At the end of the session, it’s important to drink plenty of water, to flush out any toxins that will have been released by the shifting energies. Grounding is essential too, but animals know this instinctively. If you’re with them, just allow them to do whatever they need to do.
And then, once I’m recovered, I shall type up my notes and send them.

It is entirely likely that we may not have covered all the issues in one session; we never know what’s going to come up, how deep we’re going to get, nor how the subject will be.

Further sessions can then be booked, and often a few more sessions are needed. Trust your own intuition on when is the best time to have the next session.

Cost per session - £90
This includes one follow up email, in case you have any questions, or require clarification on anything.

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